Eila Akbari Sarasia, CIWM, CIM

Wealth Management Advisor

As a Certified International Wealth Manager (CIWM), globally recognized and accredited through a Swiss-based Association of International Wealth Managers and a Chartered Investment Manager (CIM), Eila primarily works with incorporated professionals, pre-retirees, and retirees who are deliberate and keen on retirement planning. Through pension-style portfolio management, he continuously seeks to preserve clients’ capital and provide stable income through various market cycles. With tax efficiency and downside protection being key components for his clients, they can be confident that through active management and advice they will be well looked after throughout their retirement years. In addition, Eila and his team have the proficiency, resources, and skillsets to explore Estate planning strategies, Trusts and corporate restructures to mitigate taxes and simplify complex situations to ensure the clients’ legacy is preserved and their wishes realized.

Eila truly believes in building genuine, long-lasting relationships with his clients and continues providing cutting-edge advice as they evolve through various stages of their lives. Private wealth management is about consistency, reliability, predictability, and efficiency. It is purpose-driven and the process is dynamic rather than static.

“In a world where change is constant, I understand that our clients’ needs will change and therefore we will adapt accordingly.”

Eila is happily married where he and his wife enjoy trying new foods and craft cocktails around town. When not at work, or indulging in new cuisine, Eila maintains an active lifestyle through various sports such as mixed martial arts, weight training, and soccer. He is also a car enthusiast, an avid traveler, and actively involved with Make a Wish Canada.