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Now that your strategies have been implemented, the relationship between you and your advisor begins. You now have a team monitoring your strategy, and someone you can call upon who knows your goals and situation thoroughly, and who has the expertise and support to answer any questions, big or small. As you move through various stages in your life, and as circumstances change both for the good and the not so good, we will be there to assist you to minimize the bad and make the most of the good. We will regularly review your strategy to ensure it still matches your needs. But just as importantly, you will be able to come to us when you need to, when circumstances change and when things are on your mind. That is the true value of financial advice.

When maintaining and reviewing your strategies we will:

  • allow you to be as active as you want to be in the ongoing running of your plans
  • ensure you don’t miss any opportunities that may arise via legislative change or otherwise
  • be in a regular contact with you to keep you up-to-date
  • invite you to meet with us as per our agreed review agreement
  • adjust your financial plan as your personal situation changes

CorePlan offers you comprehensive financial advice that you can trust. We work in your best interest, and your best interest alone. CorePlan is NOT affiliated or licensed through large banks, funds management or life insurance companies. CorePlan is independently owned and licensed. CorePlan’s approved list of strategies and investment products are tailored and recommended SOLELY around your needs and what is appropriate for you, without outside influence. View Our Financial Service Listing

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