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Insurance Planning

We have your insurance needs covered

Risk Management

Managing your risk is about putting a safety net underneath your financial life and minimizing the impact if the unexpected occurs. Whether it be personal or business insurances, estate planning, asset protection or business succession strategies, limiting the risk of downside is one of the most important steps you can take.

Personal Risk Insurances

Wealth protection is one of the cornerstones of financial security. Without adequate risk protection the realization of financial goals may never be reached in the event of death, injury or illness.

Asset Protection

If You Don’t Have It Someone Else Might Get It
If you don’t have your assets properly protected, you’re leaving yourself open to having them taken from you (i.e. being sued either in a personal or professional capacity).

Estate Planning

No Ifs, No Buts
Like it or not, we all die. So it makes absolute sense to have legal documentation that ensures your wealth is distributed as you wish upon your death.


Being empowered in the understanding and knowledge of how your strategy works and why it is appropriate for you is one of the most basic ways in which you can mitigate the risk around wealth creation and investing.

General Insurance

General insurance insures anything other than human life. Coverage can be tailored to insure assets including residential / commercial properties and contents against fire and theft, as well as private / fleet vehicles against accidental damage or theft.

Business Risk Insurances

Ensuring your business and your heirs to your business are protected from the financial ill-effects of something happening to you or a key staff member.

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