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Putting your plan in action

After we have completed the process of formulating your financial plan, it’s time to meet again. This time, we will explain to you, in a way you’ll understand, the unique plan we have created for you, and how it answers your specific goals, concerns and dreams. If it all makes sense to you, it’s now time to ‘sign on the dotted line’ and put our plan into action. This stage can involve a lot of stressful paperwork and difficult questions. Fortunately, your Advisor has a team behind the scenes who take on as much of this process as they can. When implementing your strategies we will:

  • ensure all advice is in place as per our agreed strategies
  • follow up every piece of advice making sure nothing is left behind
  • keep you informed of our progress

CorePlan offers you comprehensive financial advice that you can trust. We work in your best interest, and your best interest alone. CorePlan is NOT affiliated or licensed through large banks, funds management or life insurance companies. CorePlan is independently owned and licensed. CorePlan’s approved list of strategies and investment products are tailored and recommended SOLELY around your needs and what is appropriate for you, without outside influence. View Our Financial Service Listing

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