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Getting to know you

The goal of our first meeting is to gain a better understanding of who you are and what "makes you tick". We will ask you questions and start discussions about your current situation in its entirety.

Discovery: Understanding your goals, thinking, values and opinions

  • Your values, aspirations and dreams
  • Any challenges or frustrations you are facing
  • Your current lifestyle
  • Your current attitude towards money and wealth
  • Your previous experiences with money and investing

We know that these can often be difficult conversations to have, and we hope you won’t think we are being nosy. The more we know about you, the more appropriate our advice will be so it’s very important that we take the time and ask the tough questions.

Once we have a sound understanding of your situation, we can start looking at the options and strategies that are worth exploring further.

Often, given the complexity of your situation, the number of ideas we find, and the particular areas we would like to explore, there is a need for a "second date". This second meeting will give us time to ensure we look at every aspect of your situation and don’t leave any stone unturned.

CorePlan offers you comprehensive financial advice that you can trust. We work in your best interest, and your best interest alone. CorePlan is NOT affiliated or licensed through large banks, funds management or life insurance companies. CorePlan is independently owned and licensed. CorePlan’s approved list of strategies and investment products are tailored and recommended SOLELY around your needs and what is appropriate for you, without outside influence. View Our Financial Service Listing

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